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1929 results

Summary (courtesy of AndrewTas)

Wills got better winning the French, Wimbledon and US Championships again without losing a set and in more commanding fashion. Phoebe Holcroft Watson is a finalist at the US Championships defeating Jacobs in the semi-finals (she also defeated Jacobs in the Wightman Cup the week before), while Jacobs was a finalist at Wimbledon. Von Reznicek emerged during the year as a contender winning the German Championships.

Daphne Akhurst wins her fourth Australian title but doesnt tour Europe. The USA defeats Great Britain 4-3 at Forest Hills therefore going ahead in the series 4-3 (since 1923). Also Simone Mathieu (nee Passamard) reaches her first French final (she won play 7 more, winning 2).

World Rankings by A Wallis Myers

01 Helen Wills Moody (US)
02 Phoebe Holcroft Watson (England)
03 Helen Jacobs (US)
04 Betty Nuthall (England)
05 Bobbie Heine (South Africa)
06 Simone Passemand Mathieu (France)
07 Eileen Bennett (England)
08 Paula von Reznicek (Germany)
09 Peggy Saunders Michell (England)
10 Elsie Goldsack (England)


Andrew Tas provided many of the initial results from Ayres Almanack
AustinRunner made several detailed contributions to results.
GeeTee has provided hard to find Aussie results.

Many results are courtesy of Newmark, whose thread of results for 1929 may be found at:
Results from 1929

Ugarte consulted the London Times and American Lawn Tennis

I used the 1930 Wright and Ditson Annual and consulted the New York Times in detail for June and August results.

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