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Jelena JANKOVIC: Take a 1 year vacation!

Is it just me, or does everybody else as well think JJ has lost her marbles?!

We all know how long seasons can be and for a veteran like JJ she is clearly lost.. she doesnt seem to be improving, her results over the course of the year are amongst her worst EVER. She is inconsistant, her fitness is good but her head is certainly NOT.

I think she needs to walk away...take a year off, take 2 even...tell herself to fnd a new direction, figuring out who she is outside of tennis and then once she has had that chance...come back and play fresh, have clear defined goals and ready to face the tour focused and determined.

Her tennis and her build will still be there 2 years from now...shes young enough to walk away and come back if she does so now. Her game is too good to not be back if she returned to her old way...she has it in her but i think she wants out...and she doesnt know how to walk away...

JJ leave. live your life...and come back soon as u once were, a talented mover, gifted athelet and on court magician... we love u...your better than this!!!!

Any opinions?

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