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Re: 2011-2012 recruiting - "speculation only"

Originally Posted by gouci View Post
Tenniswish personally I agree with you about players being forced out a lot of the time. But let me play referee here and stop you and Form from coming to blows.

Tenniswish be very careful because you're entering dangerous territory.
Long Beach St. had 13 players leave its program over 7 years. Now in Form's mind, each time it was the player's fault/choice for leaving da Beach. Tenniswish if you even imply that head coach classy Jenny forced even 1 of those 13 players out then be prepared to feel the WRATH OF FORM!

Tenniswish don't you know classy Jenny is the exception to this rule. She's perfect at judging how good a player is going to be just based on tracking results and watching recruiting video. Tenniswish if you imply that even 1 of those 13 players that exited Long Beach St. was a recruiting bust by classy Jenny then be prepared to feel the WRATH OF FORM!

Now Form admires Jenny's class greatly BUT if you get Form mad he becomes a hypocrite who will turn around and do the exact opposite of what classy Jenny would do publicly. Form will transform from Dr. Jekyll into a classless Mr. Hyde. Tenniswish you can make all the sense in the world, but if you blame classy Jenny for ANYTHING then be prepared to feel the WRATH OF FORM
Tenniswish, can I go to Switzerland with you. Having a nice chat and Mr. Agenda pops up again.

(Again clarifying tilted slander: Yes, 7 scholarship 'transfers' out in 11 years. For a variety of reasons... including one at # 8 who went on to happily play # 1 for 3 years at a lesser program; another for some significant disciplinary reasons. Three others quit tennis and returned to home countries to study (2) or get married (1). Any others in your count were walk ons and those rarely make it four years on a squad. I mean really, you are counting walk ons? Jeesh...

How many scholarship athletes quit your team after your asterisk year (2)? ).

It is either mystifying or flattering that Mr. Agenda spends so much time on this Forum concentrating on one mid-major program. Again, sorry to all but just feel one has to defend false or misleading info.


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