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Re: Thoughts on this racquet?

I don't know where you read reviews on this Extreme Pro, but from all the reviews I have read, I am pretty sure the racquet is pretty swing-weight heavy and pretty powerful (contrary to what you said).

It depends what you are looking for in your game. Power or control? When I started playing tennis, I used a lighter stick with a lot of power. However, as I started playing tournaments and got much better, I had to ditch my tweener stick and get a much, much heavier racquet with control-oriented specs (being low-powered is generally one of them—you can't really have both) since my powerful tweener stick always made me hit shots long or into the roof.

Once you can generate your own power, then go for a control-oriented racquet. According to TW and customer reviews, this Extreme Pro racquet has a lot of power. Play-testers on TW said they found it difficult to control the ball from the baseline. It has a lot of power and less control (keep in mind I'm comparing this to usual player's racquet).

However, like I said before, it's what you're looking for. If you're not playing at a very high level yet (not looking for control), then it should be fine.

Good luck bro.

P.S. I want to get the Djokovic racquet although I heard they're a little stiff; yes, I'm a little biased sometimes because of the cosmetics. But I hear they're pretty neat. That or the Midplus from the Prestige series. Maria's coming out with a new racquet in July too.
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