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Re: How to play and rule thread - 2010

Originally Posted by WhoAmI? View Post
This suggestion of yours is already written to the rule, see point 3:

I know it's already there, but we use this only if the two players are tied by points, number of games and if no one posted faster - then we look at previous rounds (it happened between Vaxey and volume3d in RG).

I don't know if those rules to solve a tie are old because I checked the Birmingham thread, and there are the exact same rules for solving a tie.

There are diferences - for examples, these rules state that getting closer by the number of games is more important than guessing the winner, and we've switched places of those two this year.

So, in this RG case, you can see that both KeishukeHonda and longtin23 got exactly the same points in each round. It's rather unlikely to happen though, but can happen once in a blue moon.

Another thing I thought that could be used in this case (only if there's still a tie, like in RG case), is to re-look at their picks round by round and give a higher place to the one who picked the most unexpected winner. I'm not sure how to determine this, maybe look at how the bookies have evaluated the player's chances before the match ( can be used for example).
What you suggest in the last paragraph is interesting, but instead of looking through betting sites (which could further complicate the manager's job), I'd consider giving advantage to the player who was, for example, the sole winner of a certain round (like coolfish1103 was in the quarters of RG). For instance, if one player does that in one of the rounds, and the other one who is tied with him doesn't, the first one gets the higher spot.
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