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Re: *Vika Azarenka Cheering Thread* - Vikalume 3.

Originally Posted by hurricanejeanne View Post
Vikaland launches Vikalume Volume 3 in style!

I tried to get online after the watching the final, but wtaworld wouldn't load for me.
I am so, so, so immensely proud of Vika right now. Fighting her ass off in her first three matches gave her the confidence in her game to trust it against players she struggles with (Saint Kim, Bepa and then Maria). While Maria's serve really hurt her in this final, I like to think she was put on defense with it because of Vika's return of serve being so spectacular.

But this is such a sweet surprise from Vika after all the fuckery of the season so far.
I know. Everyone was talking about how she greatly regressed etc and then BOOM she wins her second Miami title.
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