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Re: Matches Database

Originally Posted by amirbachar View Post
That's an amazing database.
What time frame do you have?
Just started doing it this year

Can you please upload all your files to ?
It's very easy to upload many files at once...
Given that we have had another generous contributor, I won't bother. Especially since I have nothing else.

What I plan is making an all time rankings, so please give me as many years as you have.
You will of course get a huge credit for that too.

Are you sure the second points column are points won on serve? I think it's points won when returning...
You are correct. It was easier for me to track that when I started, although I am only doing it now out of habit. In principle, it is useful to me, but I'm not using it at the moment.

Are you generating the format or is it already saved like that?
If you are generating the format, could you please use full names, and the match result like that for example: 6-4_6-4?
That is the style they are input in the spreadsheet. I do it by hand, so it's convenient to keep things concise. And the values are also from the cells of the spreadsheet, so aren't formatted in any way.

One last ask - could you put the tournament name at beginning?
I started that pretty early on, but it's not organized (when there are 2 tournaments running, things are more organized by days)

My focus in my work is mostly on the points, which, as far as I can tell, are not available anywhere else. Hence, I have not been very concerned about having a format compatible with other sources.
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