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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

Finally got to watch Flavia vs Caro @ Dubai match...Some match notes I took...

Flavia actually played quite well especially in the first few games. Lovely forehand dropshot at 2-1. But she just can't seem to string together consecutive pts when they're at deuce (prime example is the epic game @ 2-1, 1st set). Flavia would play well to get up to Ad and on the next point she would get drawn into a baseline rally in which she gets push back far behind the baseline and would ultimately lose the point. On times that she tried to end the point immediately, she more often than not ends up with an UE. With someone as consistent in Caro, you just can't give too many points away as Caro would rarely missed on standard rallies. I really think she should have been more steady and patient in working her way through on each point during these tight moments. Easier said than done of course. In the end Caro did too well in what she does best which is to outsteady her opponents and drive them crazy with her wall-like consisteny.

Also as correctly pointed out by someone at GM, Caro got away with a lot winners in this match because Flavia is not as fast (I don't wanna say slow ) in getting to the ball. When she manages to get to the ball she doesn't have enough time to hit a good defensive shot, giving Caro a lot of short balls to attack. Flavia actually looks faster than she actually is. She anticipates well, is light on her feet and has good footwork in getting into the right hitting position but she is no Myskina when it comes to footspeed.
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