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Re: Matches Database

Originally Posted by amirbachar View Post
The important thing for me is that it would include all WTA matches (of course qualifying could be a nice addition).
If you can give me games or even points it would be even better.

Thanks a lot!
I've seen something like that somewhere (with games).

If anyone could find a database with POINTS, that would be bloody amazing. I can't even find stats for all matches.

I don't know what kind of time frame you want, but I will paste what I have for this year below. Caution: it's big (more than 1000 matches). The formatting is as follows (tab delimited):

date P1 P2 Set1 (P1 then P2) Set 2(P1 then P2) Set 3 (P1 then P2) Points(4 columns*) Winner**(if default)

*I track points scored and points scored on serve. Therefore, there are 4 point lines: 1) P1 total points 2) P1 points on serve, 3) P2 total points, 4) P2 points on serve
**If the line includes the word WHOOPS it means there was a default/retirement. In that case, the winner is indicated by the next term. 1 indicates P1 wins, and -1 indicates P2 wins

I will put it all in the next reply
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