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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

In an earlier post I mixed up your name with someone who is called Giulio. Sorry for that.

Your metaphor of spider web is brilliant. TBH, I don't know much about creating points on the court. AFAIR the match agqainst Caro in Dubai was even a bit different. Here's the link again:

Originally Posted by Dado90 View Post
I already found it!...good vision, even if Flakira was demolished Woz-Pen set1 Woz-Pen set2
There were four successful shots of Flavia that I had never seen her play before (maybe because she was desperated this time):
1. a bh cross stop from the base line, it was the very first game I believe
2. a running fh down the line, hit flat without spin, 3rd or 4th game of 2nd set
3. a short cross top spin fh
4. a short cross top spin bh

Why did she lose anyway?
In the 1st set she lost her momentum at 2:1 40:15, because she became a sort of lax; her body language was almost arrogant - and so she spoiled the next point. Caro immediatly punished Flavia for this lapse, like she always does. Or better - she terminated her.
Why? Because Flavias "improved" top spin fh was too short many times. That's were ~20 of Caros 30 winners came from.
Also Caro had an improved game plan. She avoided rallyes, always played left-right so that Flavia couldn't nail her at a corner like in their previous match. Caros left-right game led to another ~10 winners. Flavia could create point only when her serve was perfect, which was too rarely the case.
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