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Re: "Ask the board" thread!

Can I ask you something here or in the Rules thread?
Because we have this case:

Doubles Diffs

(1)* mladen * / igralec33 (CRO/SLO) - Daszmarelli / wtatourfan (BRA/BRA)
Ferguson vs. Savinykh
SR´s: Erakovic 2-1, Falconi 2-0 +2 vs. Erakovic 2-0, Falconi 2-1 +2

Savinykh def. Ferguson 3-6, 2-2 ret.
Brengle def. Falconi 6-2, 5-2 ret.
Erakovic already LOST first set

Savinykh match isn´t counted () and Erakovic lost first set so all is tied here, no one can win on SR...but there is a question if Brengle - Falconi match is counted for incorrect 2-1 rule or not? Because this match is counted for TT, Brengle was leading a set...both picked incorrect winner...still everything OK...but the problem is that Falconi retired...and if this is counted then Brazilains won...if it´s not counted than igralec and mladen won
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