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Re: Websites for ordering DVDs

I see. Thanks for your message. I'm much clearer now.
Will definitely contact you via email these few days regarding a few matches that I'm interested in.

Originally Posted by L.J. View Post
Hi, yeah actually this is me - my site I mean. I haven't really posted on for the past few years but I still run my site and update it every few months (it is due for a big update soon). I have been trading DVD's for years since the late 1990's and I am happy to trade or sell matches. If you want to contact me please email me with the email addresses from the website as I don't often log on here and probably won't see any messages you send until months later (sorry! whereas I check my emails all the time.

Funny, I have got a few emails about tennis trades in a rush over the past 24 hours and wondered why so that is why I came on here to check if my site had been mentioned somewhere
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