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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

Nice to see FH joining the discussion here! BTW, what's your name? It's weird to call you FH. Wiwa, tell us your name too.

Very interesting point of view guys.

First I definitely haven't seen Flavia hit a good slice especially on her BH so I have to agree on you with that one.

FH, you make a good point on Flavia being able to overpower with a mix of good shots but I think what we're trying to point out here is that on raw pace alone Flavia loses against the big hitters. While she's perfectly capable of hitting clean winners, it's just much more difficult for her to end a neutral rally to her favor especially against good movers (as you have also rightly pointed out). BTW, I actually don't consider Sveta as a good mover. She has poor footwork but she is quite athletic so she can get a lot of balls back from a defensive position.

I actually think Flavia has good tactics but I've seen her is some matches where she seemed to be completely lost mentally. When this happens she either goes on hit it harder mode or retrieve like hell mode.

As for the net game, this is the definitely the right approach not only because she's good at the net and it's working for her but also because she is not getting any younger. This game plan is easier on her body as she has to play shorter points and doesn't need to get into needless rallies against wall-like players.
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