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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

i don't agree with you all the line because Flavia can overpower her opponent using her smart mixture of different shots. H
er best way to slowdown the game usually is that loopy cross court FH that pushes the contender some meters far from the baseline, it's not a moonball but it works well on all surfaces and gives a lot of trouble to most of the girls (as usually FH is the weak side).
Another big weapon to change the rally is her dropshot which is quite effective on both sides and usually it's well hidden, you are right, she lacks of a good slice -even though she owns a quite good chop FH- and her BH has no top spin, but she fix that with her great anticipation.

about the way to prepare matches i'm again thinking differently from you, Flavia rarely flops a match tactically, or at least she rarelly doesn't know what to do (then you know, the other player can play too good to let her use her skills on court).
Flavia builds her wins on a solid game based on few schemes, pretty easy if you want, but as she lacks of many killing shots (IMO she has only one: BH down the line) so she has to work a lot on a rally to get into the ideal position to make a winner, cuz she cannot ask herself to hit FH winners from outside the court a la Sveta.
She has a great ability, she can use well the power of the shots she gets back to her, that's why she has positive records (or at least she can play close matches) against hard hitters like Sam, Masha, Venus, but as she lacks of these killing shots -or as you said she weights too few to overpower the opponent- she struggles with players with great defensive play -not just Caro, but Sveta and Fran too- as her "spider net", her complex way to get to the right position for a peace winner, seems useless and she often finish the rally with a UE (usually with FH as asks too much to it).

I think this new net game is a nice idea to shorter her matches, mostly in early rounds so that she can be fresher (and so run more, as she needs to run a lot against top players and she knows that, she can't dictate her game against all top 15) deeper in the draw. I think she needs some monthes to make this new gameeffective against the top names, but it is for sure a smart move -Flavia is one of the best players at net atm- and probably it can be a wise decision for Wimbly (and for the Olympic games)

may your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.

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