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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

^Yep it featured two bad match-ups. I think she was trying to play too aggressively so she won't get outhit on the baseline. The problem with this is that her serve wasn't clicking that day. Sveta scored a lot of free points on her ROS and even if they get on a rally, Flavia was usually put on a defensive position. As for trying a change of pace/more variation, it's not so easy to do this when you are facing a barrage of well-hit shots laced with topspin. The time is taken away from you to put that amount of control on the ball. Though maybe she could have hit a few moonballs here and there just to disrupt Sveta's rhythm.

Interesting observation...Fransceso also pointed out that Flavia seemed to be hitting with more topspin. This may well be the case and would also explain why she's able to hit harder. Unfortunately, Sveta loves the pace that was coming to her and was able to defend quite well from the baseline. Against the players that troubles her, this always seemed to be where Flavia gets beaten. The ceiling in her game as one analyst had said before (Tignor?) shows that her shots are not big enough to get past these players and when forced to go toe-to-toe in the rallies she more often than not ends up losing.

BTW, sorry if I sounded a little dire on the weaknesses of Flavia's game. They don't really matter too much to me as I love how fluid her shots look and she does play a pretty looking game. And I do think she can beat this kind of players but only if she maintains a very high level of play and if her opponent is missing more than usual.
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