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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition


Time to post some match reviews I've been postponing to write about...

Dubai QF: Flavia def Kleybanova 6-2, 6-0

As the scoreline suggests, this is pretty much a one-sided affair. Alisa is another player who is a good match up for Flavia as the 4-0 H2H suggests. Being a lumbering big girl, most players' strategy against Alisa is to pull her wide on rallies. Amazingly enough, she's adept at handling this. She moves quite well when she's pulled wide and manages to hit sick cross court angles from awkward positions on the baseline time and time again. Flavia is one of the few players that I've seen who refuses to get drag into this needless cross court rallies against her. Despite the pace of shot, she manages to redirect the ball deep in the middle of the court giving Alisa a smaller space to go for the angles. I don't know how to explain it but maybe it's because Flavia's better shot is her down the line backhand so it's much easier for her do this repeatedly against Alisa.

This is a very good win for Flavia against one of her pigeons, much better than her last dragged out FC match against Stosur. It might have helped that Alisa was dreadful in that second set (could barely hit three consecutive shots into the court ) but I still thought Flavia did well to counter the pace early on, made some amazing ROS (mostly on 2nd serves ) and stayed focused throughout. No epic mental collapse this time.
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