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Re: ART G2 Sony Ericsson Open, Miami- Week 7

Anabel arrives in Miami.

Hello Anabel I know you are very busy but thank you for taking to time out to talk to us today

Thats fine I am not busy I have sat at the beach all day today, ate a lot of chocolate and read a book.

Ohh just relaxing in miami are you.

Yes I do not plan to practise this week because I need to work On my tan!

So how do you feel about your chances this week will they be hindered by not practicing?

No I do not think so because Everyone will be all sweaty and tired from practicing But I will not be Dominika booked us into a spa tomorrow so that will be good.

Dominika cibulkova the one you have had issues with in the last few weeks why have you become so friendly.

Money is the main reason, it easier to make money if I am friends with my enemy, Dominika and me have nothing in common but I need the money, furthermore It gets me attention as well which is good.

Are you playing doubles again with dominika this week?

I hope too

Do you feel you will let her down if you do not practice?

To be honest I do not care... She blamed me for our loss last week but the truth is I had to get a plane and Dominika needed to sleep with the pilot because she could not afford a ticket. So we Had to leave this week we do not so for sure I feel we shall win this week. And hopefully have many arguements on court. I love it when we argue makes me feel more important than dominika.

Any love interests this week?

No but I heard tommy robredo has been getting it on with Andrea hlavackova or however you say her name. All I can say is I have had tommy and to be fair Fernando Verdasco is much better I heard he is here this week maybe we could hook up again. Ok I have to leave now because I need to find fernando good bye.

Anabel leaves in a hurry forgetting the dress she is wearing in the picture. Ohh dear its going to be a long week in Miami

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