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Re: Pics of tennis and then...

Originally Posted by OsloErik View Post

You don't think that looks, feasibly, like Michael Chang as an 8 year old? I mean, she IS wearing 70s era clothes, she DOES look kind of like a little boy in that picture, Michael Chang IS just about the only Asian male tennis star of the past 40 years, she IS rocking a Michael Chang-esque haircut, and it flies around the way his hair did when he was retrieving shots from ridiculous positions. Looks a lot like Michael Chang practicing his counterpunching to me.
i can still tell that it's a girl
i would not mistake little jie for a guy =)

i agree with the last part... looks a lot like little jie is practicing her counterpunching
go little jie!

(haha, although i will concede that even though i could tell it was a girl, i wasn't 100% sure that was jie. the other old pic i posted i could tell right away. she still has the same exact ears )
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