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Re: FED Cup 2011, discussion, commitments etc.

Originally Posted by SamR03A View Post
Idea: countries with more than 2 players should be able to cancel their worst result.

So you don't like the idea of dividing the sum of points with the number of players, or I'm missing something here? Not sure I understand how this would be done. Like, if those with more than 2 players would cancel their worst result, we'd still have teams with various numbers of players...?

Knockout would be a bit weird, we'd have to use PMs then I think because of strategic tipping - plus this is the newcomers' game, so imo we shouldn't demote new players to World Group II or III because their country wasn't in last year. I'd like a year-round table + a winner each week.

1. I agree knock-out would be too tricky to do.
2. You missed a point, I'm not saying that those who were worst last year should play WG2 (not sure where you got that). I suggested that those who did best in the first round this year (this February) should maybe be allowed to play in the semis in April, while those that didn't do so well should maybe only be allowed to play the play-off ties that same weekend.
3. A winner each week? In FED Cup? Are you drunk

I like the suggested point system, but perhaps double it? So 2 - 1 -3 - 4 - 6? That way we avoid half-points. I think we should only count live matches as well. Perhaps we should give 8 for the final because there aren't that many matches, so the competition could be over already.

Agree with everything here. We don't have to decide on points for the later rounds already, but only on some general idea.

Short enough?

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