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Re: FED Cup 2011, discussion, commitments etc.

Well people, FC weekend is approaching and I'd like to see if we'd agree on some ideas. The thread should be open a few days before the start of the competition, and everything should be agreed upon at least a few days before the thread is open, so I think we don't have much more than 10 days or so to settle everything. So here are my thoughts:

- that we play both WG and WG2 matches (singles only), including WG and WG2 play-offs; the reason is because if we wouldn't play the play-offs, only the first FC weekend would be really interesting, while the second (just the two semis) and the third (just the finals), wouldn't be much fun. This would give us 8 extra ties to play on the second week.

- I suggest that we don't form teams in advance after all. The reason is because I realized that many people will see the FC thread just a few days before the FC weekend for the first time, and if continue to form teams up until very late we might be in for a complete chaos. So I think everyone should be able to sign-up (by typing "in", just like for every tipping tournament) in that thread whenever and for which ever country they want. So just by typing "in + name of the country". Otherwise, many people would probably be disapppointed if we'd tell them they can't play because they didn't sign-up a month or so in advance, cause many probably don't even know that tipping will be played on the FC weekend.

- because of the fact that in the situations above we wouldn't be able to know the exact number of players for each country, I think it's best to go for the "dividing by the number of players" method of awarding points. So a total amount of points divided by the number of players representing that country.

But there are some more things to discuss. Like, do we want a table system like we have for tipping already, where all the countries would play all the rounds and get points for correct picks, with the winner being the team with the most points in the end. Or do we want a knock-out system, where teams would play against eachother in every round (but we'd have to be sure to have an even number of countries for that, and that's the tricky part). Or something totally different???

Also, do we value each correct tipp in every round the same or not? Maybe something like
1 point in the first rounds
0.5 for the WG2 play-offs
1.5 for the WG play-offs
2 for semis
and 3 for the finals would be good - all of course per correct tipp?

So to recap, on the first FC weekend there would be:
- 4 WG ties and 4 WG2 ties (first round of each).
On the second:
- 2 semis of WG, 4 WG play-offs and 4 WG2 play-offs.
And on the third there'd be just the finals, of course.

Another thing. In actual FED Cup there is a battle for the winner of each season, but also a continuous rankings system - do we follow with that too?

P. S. Try not to follow my example and please don't write huuuuuge posts cause we'll never get it done that way
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