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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Originally Posted by Eve View Post
u take it very badly, i'd say
your wild guess amuses me, you couldn't be more wrong however
your qualification of my opinion speaks for itself, are u competent to object and not let yourself offend one's point? doesn't seem like u are
learn not to take it personally, that is a lesson for ana as well
or are you just like Ana, living in denial

she exaggerate injuries, and her panic and fear do that for her
an injury is one thing, the press is the other
good thing you could do, not trust blindly what is written and said, thinking it trough is much appreciated

in the time of her big crises, you wrote some ugly and serious fake fingered stuff about her, why is it iritant for you now when it comes from another is an interesting question
btw, I never said she faked it, I sad she made minor a major, she tends to do that unintetionally
I don't think anyone should assume such things about injuries. Again.. I take you've never played tennis or been injured to know what it is. You have no idea about it. If she has an abdominal strain one day and plays on it the next day, she will tear it more and be out for over 3 months. Actually, Ana has downplayed this injury to the press.. made it look as minor as posible.. abdominal tears are never minors.

All you say are unfounded . I've been hard on Ana, but I always ended up being right. You, on the other hand, is saying things that never happened, implying things with no fundament. Someone should never play around with injuries like you are doing. Injuries are serious stuff.

Now go troll in GM. What are you doing here anyway? This is a place for Ana's fans..

Mental Strength is an underrated ability, it sets champions apart

Making mistakes is human, repeating them is dumb.

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