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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Media Conference
Transcript - Ana Ivanovic (Serbia)

Ana Ivanovic

Ana how bad is it?

Well Iíve already run some scans and itís a tear 1, so I guess itís going to take a few days. Hopefully it will be fine for Melbourne, but itís definitely a scare.

What sort of treatment do you have for that?

Well because itís a tear I canít do any aggressive treatment on it yet, I just have to keep icing it and doing some treatments that are not intense - so just like laser, or hot and cold, and just try to give it time to heal a little bit and then start with more aggressive stuff.

Do you know the time when you can get back to playing conditions?

Well the doctor said I should take at least 3 or 4 days with full rest, like complete rest. Then slowly I can start doing more like bike, and hopefully step on a court as well. It all depends. Itís very individual how a person reacts, or how fast it will heal, but hopefully with like lots of icing and laser it can speed up the recovery.

Ana how did you do it?

Well in my singles yesterday I felt it in my second set in my serve. Then I felt it kind of towards the end of the match a little, but more of a muscle pain. Then in the mixed doubles I felt nothing. Then later on when I was doing recovery I felt it tight a little, but then this morning I was playing some points and on one serve I felt it through the practise but then on one serve I felt a sharp pain. Since then I couldnít even hit anymore, I couldnít move. So then I stopped straight away and I went to see the doctor and do an ultrasound.

How did you feel when you were told the results of the scans?

I was - I mean Iím still very disappoint and obviously shattered because I really felt like we fought hard to get here and you now we had a chance in the Final. Also I felt really bad for Novak and needed some time on my own and also to talk to Novak and tell him whatís going on. It is very hard you know. Not only that I donít get to play final tomorrow but also I have to pull out of Sydney as well.

Ana how frustrating is it for you?

It is very frustrating because itís been the case for a long time -lLike always little bits and pieces. You know for something like this itís kind of, itís not a huge deal, but itís stupid and bad timing and itís just very frustrating that these things happen. You know I have to try and recover in the best possible way and try to stay positive. At least I have a week before the Open. Iíd rather this time, than this time next week.

I know you said it will be a few days before you know the extent of how its pulling up, but what do you think your chances are competing in Melbourne at the Australian Open?

I think itís good at the moment because I stopped in time and the tear hasnít been great, so itís still a minor tear. But you know I want to try and do everything possible to compete, but Iím positive I will be fit in ten days time to play.

Even if you are fit though, how does it affect, obviously not being able to train with full intensity, going into Melbourne now?

It is disappointing, but you know I have to sort of rely on the hard work that Iíve done in the past. I had the full preparation behind me, so I have to kind of rely on that a little bit. Even though Iíll have some time off now, I just have to believe that Iím fit enough. You know itís going to play a big part. Iíll just try to go through it and you know the hard work has been done, and even if I was fit enough I would be playing a lot of matches Ė but still the hard work has been done. So I have to approach it with that mind set.

Ana - will you ask for a late start in Melbourne?

Yeah Iíd definitely will, but Iím not sure because itís a Grand Slam and they go with the draw, so itís like 50/50. But ill definitely have my fingers crossed for a Tuesday start.

Will you get treatment here Ana or will you go to Melbourne?

Iíll stay put for another day and then hopefully on Sunday will go to Melbourne.

Did you have a weakness in that area before, or is this the first time youíve done something like this?

No itís the first time Iíve done something like this. You know if Iíve done something in off season, its stomach and back exercises, so itís very strange that this has happened. Itís very strange - I only felt it on my serve actually. It was just very bizarre.

What did Novak say to you?

He was very supportive and he fully understands, and it was hard for me to tell him and obviously I knew he would understand, but still itís a little bit disappointing. But he gave me his full support and even his physio is trying to give me some treatments and help me out a little. I appreciate that he made it easier for me.

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