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Re: 1914 results

Week of June 1-7

began June, Ladies’ Championship of Pennsylvania and the Eastern States, Haverford, US (Grass)
Venue: Merion Cricket Club

1R: Louise Hammond Raymond
1R: Eleanor Carey d. Theodora Lillie 6-1 6-2
1R: Eleanora Searsd. M. E. Willcox 6-1 6-1
1R: I. Pendleton d. Sara Myers 6-3 8-6
1R: Mrs. Gilbert Harvey
1R: Elizabeth Meehan
1R: K. Bunton
1R: Mrs. O. A. Bigle
1R: Marion Fenno d. E. Dougherty 6-1 6-0
1R: Edna Wildey d. E. Hopkins 6-1 6-2
1R: Dorothy Disston
1R: A. Douglas
1R: Sara Neilson
1R: Agnes Kennedy
1R: Florence A. Ballin
1R: M. Chrystie

2R: Raymond d. Carey 6-2 6-1
2R: Sears d. Pendleton 6-1 6-4
2R: Harvey d. Meehan 6-0 6-0
2R: Bunton d. Bigle 6-2 1-6 6-3
2R: Fenno d. Wildey 6-3 6-4
2R: Disston d. Douglas 6-3 6-3
2R: Neilson d. Kennedy 4-6 6-4 6-4
2R: Ballin d. Chrystie 6-1 6-2

QF: Raymond d. Sears 6-3 7-5
QF: Harvey d. Bunton 6-0 6-1
QF: Fenno d. Disston 6-2 6-3
QF: Ballin d. Neilson 6-2 6-3

SF: Raymond d. Harvey default
SF: Fenno d. Ballin 7-5 3-6 6-2

FI: Louise Raymond d. Marion Fenno 3-6 9-7 6-2


1R: Marion Fenno / Eleanora Sears
1R: Dorothy Disston / Thayer d. S. Baker / A. Kennedy 7-5 6-3
1R: S. Myers / M. Myers d. Williams / Williams 6-3 6-4
1R: Florence A. Ballin / C. T. Chase / d. I. Pendleton / Toulmin 6-3 6-4
1R: Mrs. G. Harvey / Mrs. S. Norris d. E. Dougherty / E. Thomas 6-2 6-1
1R: C. Franklin / Nauman d. Sara Neilson / T. Tillie 6-4 1-6 6-4
1R: Louise Hammond Raymond / Edna Wildey
1R: E. Meehan /Pierce-bye

QF: Fenno /Sears d. Disston / Thayer 6-0 6-3
QF: Myers / Myers d. Ballin / Chase 6-3 4-6 6-2
QF: Harvey / Norris d. Franklin / Nauman 6-1 6-1
QF: Raymond / Wildey d. Meehan / Pierce 6-1 6-2

SF: Fenno /Sears d. Myers / Myers 6-3 6-4
SF: Raymond / Wildey d. Harvey / Norris w.o.

FI: Louise Raymond/Edna Wildey d. Marion Fenno/Eleanora Sears6-3 6-3

Mixed Doubles

1R: Bill Tilden / Louise Hammond Raymond d. E. Thayer / M. Thayer 6-1 6-2
1R: Watson / Marion Fenno d. James T. Young / Mrs. James T. Young 6-1 6-3
1R: A. E. Kennedy / Edna Wildey d. H. J. Lawrence, Jr. / I. Pendleton 6-2 10-8
1R: W. G. Morse / Mrs. W. G. Morse d. H. W. Marston, Jr. / Sara Neilson 4-6 6-2 6-3
1R: William A. Larned / Eleanora Sears d. F. E. Dixon / ?, w.o.
1R: A. D. Thayer / Dorothy Disston d. J. O. Downey / C. T. Chase 7-5 8-6
1R: C. S. Rogers / Mrs. G. Harvey d. A. R. Sayres / K. Ogden 6-3 6-2
1R: Wallace F. Johnson / A. Kennedy d. Frank W. Paul, Jr. / E. Hopkins 6-4 6-4

QF: Louise Raymond/Bill Tilden d. Fenno/Watson 0-6 8-6 6-1
QF: Wildey/Kennedy d. Morse/Morse 6-1 6-0
QF: Sears/Larned d. Disston/Thayer 6-3 0-6 6-2
QF: Kennedy/Johnson d. Henry/Rogers 7-5 6-0

SF: Raymond/Tilden d. Wildey/Kennedy 6-2 6-4
SF: Sears/Larned d. Kennedy/Johnson 5-7 6-0 6-4

FI: Louise Raymond/Bill Tilden d. Eleonora Sears/William Larned 4-6 6-4 6-4


June 1-6, Northern Tournament, Liverpool, England (Grass)
Venue: Aigburth Cricket Ground

Singles (Draw=11)

1R: Dorothea Lambert Chambers d. Miss Dawson 6-2 6-0
1R: Olive Manser d. Miss Ziegler 6-4 6-2
1R: Miss Hollins d. Miss Barlow 6-0 6-0
1R: Miss Hoyle d. Miss Booth default
1R: Mrs Glynn d. W. Hoyle 3-6 6-4 7-5

2R: Chambers d. Manser 6-0 6-1
2R: Ethel Larcombe d. M. Gordon 6-2 6-0
2R: Ethel Radcliffe d. E. Hornby 7-5 7-5
2R: Mabel Parton d. Miss Heard 6-4 6-0

2R: Hollins d. Hoyle 6-1 6-4
2R: P. Roberts d. Glynn 5-7 7-5 6-2
2R: Mrs Middleteon d. Mrs Trevor Bell 6-2 6-4
2R: Agnes Morton d. M. Holmes 6-1 6-0

QF: Chambers d. Larcombe 6-1 6-3
QF: Parton d. Radcliffe 6-3 6-0
QF: Hollins d. Roberts 6-2 1-6 8-6
QF: Morton d. Middleton 6-2 6-3

SF: Chambers d. Parton 6-2 6-2
SF: Morton d. Hollins 6-2 6-2

FI: Dorothea Lambert Chambers d. Agnes Morton 6-1 6-2


?R: Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Ethel Larcombe d. Olive Manser/Agnes Morton in 3 sets

FI: Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Ethel Larcombe d. Mrs EC Middleton/E Radcliffe 6-1 6-1

All England Mixed Doubles Championship

SF: Agnes Morton/Stanley Doust (Aus) d. Theodore Mavrogordato/Mabel Parton ????

FI: Agnes Morton/Stanley Doust (Aus) d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Brooks ????

CR: Ethel Larcombe/James Parke (holders) d. Agnes Morton/Stanley Doust (Aus) 6-3 6-1

"The ladies' singles proved a veritable triumph for Mrs. Lambert Chambers. Never, except, perhaps, occasionally at Wimbledon, has she been seen to such advantage. She successfully defeated Miss Manser, Mrs. Larcombe, Mrs. Parton, and Miss Morton without losing more than four games in a set. It seemed almost impossible for her to hit the ball out, while at the same time she was hitting the ball as hard as she has ever done and keeping a wonderful length. It was bad luck for Mrs. Larcombe to meet her in the second round, especially as it was Mrs. Larcombe's third year for the cup.

The All England Mixed Doubles Championships was again won by the holders, Parke and Mrs. Larcombe, who thus became the owners of the much-coveted cups which have been in existence since 1897. Doust and Miss Morton had done well in beating Mavrogordato and Mrs. Parton in the semi-final and Brookes and Mrs. Chambers in the final, but never got going in the Challenge Round at all. Parke and Mrs. Larcombe took up an impregnable position at the net, and all the efforts of their opponents to dislodge them were in vain.

The open ladies' doubles fell to Mrs. Chambers and Mrs. Larcombe, a partnership impossible to defeat by any of the pairs competing. Miss Morton and Miss Manser did well to take a set from them, but never looked like winning the match."

Source: Lawn Tennis and Badminton, June 11, 1914, pp. 598-599


began June 1, Old Dominion Tennis Tournament, Richmond, Virginia, USA (Clay)
Venue: Country Club of Virginia

SF: Marie Wagner d. Alice Day Beard 4-6 6-0 6-2
SF: Claire Cassell d. Elizabeth Moore 7-5 4-6 10-8

FI: Marie Wagner d. Clare Cassel 6-3 6-3

CR: Marie Wagner d. Mrs Willard Sullivan 6-2 6-3

DF: Carrie Neely/Mrs W Sullivan d. Clare Cassel/Marie Wagner 6-4 6-2

Mixed Doubles

SF: Clare Cassell/Beals Wright d. Marie Wagner/Nat Thornton 7-5 6-3
SF: Bessie Moore/Wylie Grant d. Mrs. Willard Sullivan/Irving Wright (??) 7-5 6-2

FI: Clare Cassel/Beals Wright d. Bessie Moore/Wylie Grant 6-4 4-6 6-4


began June 4, Championships of Dresden, Dresden, Germany (Clay)

FI: Mieken Rieck d. Dora Köring 6-2 6-1

MX: Dora Köring/Heinrich Schomburgk d. Mieken Rieck/Curt Bergmann 6-4 6-4


began June 1, New Haven, Connecticut, US
Venue: Lawn Club

FI: Miss Anita Carrington d. Mrs.R.Townshend 7-5 7-5


June 1-6, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England (Grass)

FI: Geraldine Beamish d. Edith Greville 6-3 8-6

DF: Geraldine Beamish/Edith Greville d. Mrs D.K. Hole/Madeline O'Neill 6-3 8-6

MX: Geraldine Beamish/George Watt d. "G. Palmer"/"Paul" 6-4 6-4


June 4-6, Edmonton, London, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=6)

1R: Mrs. E.S. Whiteman-bye
1R: Lavinia Radeglia d. Miss E.M. White 2-6 6-4 6-2
1R: Miss L. Wilkinson d. Miss M. Jackson 6-3 6-1
1R: Aurea Edgington-bye

SF: Miss Radeglia d. Whiteman 6-2 retired
SF: Edgington d. Wilkinson 6-3 6-0

FI: Aurea Edgington d. Lavinia Radeglia 6-0 2-6 6-2

MX: Miss E.M. White/Frank H. Jarvis d. Miss M. Jackson/G. Nicholls 6-0 6-1

"A largely increased entry was received for this meeting this year, and in consequence the three days allotted to it were found to be insufficient, and short sets had to be played in the handicap events. Play, too, had to commence early on the Saturday morning, and by these means every event, with the exception of the men's open doubles, was brought to a definite conclusion.[...]

The surprise of the meeting was the defeat, in the ladies' singles, of Miss L. Jackson by Miss L. Wilkinson. This was Miss Wilkinson's first tournament this year, and she showed a vast improvement over her form of the past two seasons."

Source: Lawn Tennis and Badminton, June 18, 1914, p. 633


May 30-June 4, Hexham, Tynedale, Northumberland, England (Grass)

FI: M.E. Morton d. Mrs Neilson 6-4, 6-2

This was the twenty-fifth edition of the Hexham/Tynedale tournament.


May 30-June 4, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England (Grass)

FI: Jessie Green d. Mrs J.H. King 6-3 7-5

This was the third edition of the Mansfield tournament.


circa June 8-14, Tennis Club de Lyon, Lyon, France (Clay)

FI: Germaine Golding d. Regina Vlasto 6-3 6-4

MX: Germaine Golding/Felix Poulin d. Mrs Thomas (US)/Heinrich Kleinschroth (Ger) 6-2 6-2

Vlasto listed as Mme Vlasto.

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