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Re: Ana Ivanovic Videos thread

Originally Posted by azdaja View Post
it's what people want so why should it stop?

I don´t want you to marry me anymore
so do people in Europe also want the reaggaeton??

Don Omar is something I can deal with, his lyrics are ok,is not all about "mami you´re so yummi, mami you´re delicious, mammi lets do it" like the majority of the rest of the I have a crush on him

now reggaeton has evolved to be a kind of "reggaeton/dance" thing

and now we have this reggaeton/hip hop guy named "pitbull".............oh dear God
that guy is everywhere!! and his latest hit is this one:

I can even begin to describe of how this song disgust me to death, he is rapping or whatever the hell he think he is doing to a sampler of the "we no speak americano" remix by a band called "Yolanda be Cool" and I already despite that song, and now he comes and makes a reaggetton mix thingy with it...... why did I do to deserve this??

oh fucking "perreo fino" it just won´t go away.

Originally Posted by FlameOn View Post
At least "Rude Boy" has grown-up language . Katy Perry's "Peacock" sounds like something a few airheaded high-school freshmen would write in the back of the class about some hot jock they found attractive and giggle about what they'd written.
the only difference I see between those two songs is that one of them wants to see it and the other one wants to feel it

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