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Re: Worst Song(s) of 2010?

Originally Posted by FlameOn View Post
Oh yeah I forgot to add, any song that the cast of Glee sang, because they ruin everything they touch.

"Like a G6" is another stinker.

Also "Club Can't Handle Me" by Flo Rida. Definitely up there for 'worst lyrics' award.

I agree with the one that said "Hey Soul Sister". That is pretty terrible too. But Train's new shit isn't all bad. "Save Me San Francisco" I like a lot.

It pains me to nominate this as I really love this band, but "Catalyst" by Linkin Park. What the hell has become of these guys? They used to write great rock songs, songs with good choruses. Their new stuff, Flo Rida could rap over the top and you'd never know it was once Linkin Park.
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