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Re: Worst Song(s) of 2010?

Originally Posted by silverwhite View Post
I actually like Love the Way You Like but think Only Girl is horribly monotonous and overrated

Just goes to show what a dire state the industry is in. A song with lyrics that seem to have been written by a ten-year-old being hailed by the masses as touching and inspirational

Goes without saying...
The song might have a slight potential if it weren't for Eminem's voice in it I can't listen to him over about 20 seconds.

Any whiny pathetic song with the main subject of love, broken hearts and other sentimental crap is worshiped That's not bad, of course, sing about whatever you want but today every song sounds exactly the same as every other song, there's no originality it seems, of course there are exceptions that bring fresh good music to scene but that's not the subject of the thread
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