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Re: FED Cup 2011, discussion, commitments etc.

So the way I envision such a Fed Cup Tournament being drawn up is simply by round, which does put limits on the number of teams that can play.

Lets say for example that this is a mock tournament at say, the Australian Open, and only 8 teams sign up.

The countries make picks for R128, and R 64
R128, r 64

1. Great Britain

4. France
5. Spain

6. Algeria
3. Denmark

2. Croatia
7. United States

Each team would consist of 3-6 players (otherwise…it may be too similar to tennis tipping….the issue is simply that if we want to maintain tipping and keep the people coming back…I think we would have to create a system where the people can post picks for all rounds.

So in this hypothetical tournament, lets say that the following results occur

Great Britain def Monaco
Spain def France
Algeria STUNS Denmark
Croatia def United States

The next round would be simply be for R32 and r16

GBR v Spain
Algeria v Croatia

And the Outbracket of

Monaco v France
United States v Denmark

And lets say the following occurs.
GBR def Spain
Croatia def Algeria
Monaco def France
Denmark def United States

For the final 2 rounds of the tournament it would be purely for placement.

Battle Royale for Gold: Great Britain vs Croatia

Bronze Medal Game: Spain vs Algeria

5th Place Playoff: Monaco vs Denmark

Battle to not finish last: France vs United States

And lets say that the final standings are as follows,
1. Great Britain
2. Croatia
3. Algeria
4. Spain
5. Denmark
6. Monaco
7. France
8. United States.

The countries would be awarded points according to where they ended up in the final rankings at the end of a tournament. The issue I think is that is this really tipping if we do it with a draw? It may simply be easier to have all the countries compete in one big standings and have everyone post picks for each round, and have the final point total be the standings as we do for individuals.

I think that maybe the score should consist of an AVERAGE of all of the people on a team. Or is that too complicated? It just would mean that every pick counts. So lets create an example of this system.

Lets say 10 countries enter in Brisbane.
1. Great Britain (3 people)
2. Croatia (5 people)
3. Serbia (2)
4. Estonia (3)
5. Spain (2)
6. France (2)
7. Montenegro (4)
8. Kosovo (2)
9. Lesotho (2)
10. Swaziland (2)

Each country would be represented by say, at least 2 players, but in order to make it fair to all, we should average all the players scores, so that it evens it out for the countries with fewer people. So lets just say for each week, people can specify a country to represent along with their individual efforts. Would that work?

I'd be willing to try running it for the first tournament.

Thoughts on this massive post?
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