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Re: FED Cup 2011, discussion, commitments etc.

Originally Posted by british_player View Post
I'll form the first official team!

The team from Great Britain has 2 official members! Britannica shall rule the waves once again.

So. random question...I'm confused as to how this would work, would we take say a tournament like Brisbane and create individual and team scoring? That could be an idea, I'd be willing to run the team portion for a couple of tournaments. We could have a running ranking system to go alongside the individual rankings?
The idea here is to play FED Cup i.e. to tip individual matches of FED Cup ties (probably World Group 1 and 2). It doesen't really have much (in fact, nothing at all) with tournaments played during the season, for FC, only the matches played during FC weekends would count. Of course, there are a lot of details still left to be worked upon, but we have more than enough time so now we're focussed on signing-up and forming teams.

But if there is interest in year-long team or doubles game in tipping, I don't have anything against it. It's just that we've already tried doubles in tipping a few seasons ago and the idea preety much failed misserably. Back then, we didn't really work out the details and we didn't even know in which tournaments we'll play doubles, so it was quite random and weird. Also, the idea of teams and how they'll be scored wasn't really thought through enough, so the rankings system was boring and we didn't even finish one season. However, if you're into this idea of creating a doubles competition in tipping, feel free to start it out, but it would be best if you'd do it in a different thread, cause this one is really created for FED Cup.

BTW, we're already up on six countries: Great Britain, Netherlands, Croatia, Estonia, France and the United States
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