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Re: The SS Dementieva, New Horizons

Originally Posted by Dementinator View Post
You cant even find the poxy thing buried here, you have to click about half a dozen links.
Edem still gets and always will get a lot of posts, so for gods sake Mods, do something useful and move it back where it belongs, at least the SS Dementieva thread if nothing else.

Or I will have to start ANOTHER new one over in RR and I will continue doing that until you leave it alone.
..Most likely it gets you banned..
Personally I'd rather have you here. I know it is a bit hard to swallow, but in all fairness the mods are right as the BGO is retired (for now?). Besides, I doubt there is a fan who cannot find Edem in here (we're all smart aren't we? The choice of our favorite proves that...)
I agree it is a couple of clicks away, but you can always add Edem to your browser's favorites. I do.

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