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Re: Republic of Kosovo Tennis!

Originally Posted by Joana View Post
Albanians are not like Serbs or Croats who almost universally belong to the same religion. They are mostly Muslims, but there's a lot of Orthodox Christians in southern and Catholics in northern Albania (and Montenegro). Although, from what I understand, the Albanian population of Kosovo is predominantly Muslim with a small Catholic minority.

And yes, "Kosovo je Srbija" is not really the same as "A mujm mu...". It is possible to consider Kosovo a part of Serbia and not hate Albanians at the same time. That's not to say that Serbs don't hate Albanians; unfortunately many do.

Faleminderit shume for your answers, Milot. You're a smart kid.

Where do Kosovars typically go on holidays?
And what does Shko ne RS mean?
The population in Kosova is 95 % Muslim and 5 % Catholic.
It is possible I know that but is it realistic and is it reasonable I doubt that is .

No problem I hope I helped you with what you wanted to know.
We usually go in Albania cause the sea there is amazing and its like going into our second home for vacations and you have no Idea how good that feels .

And Shko nRRS means Fuck you .

Are you a male or a female?
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