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Re: Republic of Kosovo Tennis!

Originally Posted by Just Do It View Post
I am a member of that group but that is not a hate group Not even similar to All 7 million Albanians who hate Serbs

Do people down there talk about possible independence of North Kosovo where Serbs live ? Would people accept on that if that would mean peace and full independence for Kosovo ?
Also, I have to add I met Albanian guy this summer. He is studying Serbian language in Tirana ( random ) and came here on student exchange program. He is obsessed with Serbia for some reason oh and he is orthodox. He said that almost all people from south Albania are Greek Orthodox ?
Yeah but It is considered as a hating group cause lets face it you know it and I know that Kosova is not Serbia right .

Nope there is no chance that the northern part of Kosova is going to separate from my country .And No I wouldn't accept a thing like that cause as I reckon that is not Serbia's land and its pointless to do that. And it won't happen believe me not until USA is on your side or something.

Well if a person is Albanian doesn't mean he is not interested in knowing your culture and stuff.Good for him that he chose to study Serbian I bet there are also Serbians who study Albanian .

And no the last sentence you formulated is incorrect sorry.
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