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ITF Circuit Meets Zuzana Zlochova

14 Sep 2010 - Nick Fishpool

ITF Pro Circuits meets... Zuzana Zlochova

Slovakian 20-year old Zuzana Zlochova has climbed to a career high singles ranking of 383 on the WTA rankings released on September 13th 2010 and has five singles and six doubles titles to her name on the ITF Pro Circuit Recently the ITF Pro Circuits was able to put the following questions to the young Slovakian.

ITF Pro Circuits: Can you tell us where you were born and how you got started in tennis?
Zuzana Zlochova: I was born in Bojnice, it is a nice little town near the place where I have lived all my life. It is called Prievidza. It is a quiet city and I love living there. When I was 5, my father came to me and said: "Are you interesed in playing tennis"? And I responded: "Yes, I can try it, maybe it will be fun". I started to play tournaments for kids and it was so funny to play. I fell in love with tennis.

ITF Pro Circuits: Do you have a favourite playing surface?
Zuzana Zlochova: My favourite surface is clay. I grew up on clay so I like it the most.

ITF Pro Circuits: You have a coach at present, what can you share with us about him?
Zuzana Zlochova: My coach's name is Jozef Kraus. We are travelling together for about four years. He is a very funny person so tournaments are not boring at all

ITF Pro Circuits: Do you have any tennis idols, past or present?
Zuzana Zlochova: My tennis idol is Kim Clijsters. I like her tennis and she seems like a very pleasant person.

ITF Pro Circuits: What is your greatest memory in tennis, either as or fan?
Zuzana Zlochova: In the last six weeks I won four $10,000 tournaments. It is my greatest memory till now.

ITF Pro Circuits: Away from tennis, do you have any other interests?
Zuzana Zlochova: I like dancing, listening to music, surfing on the internet and travelling by car.

ITF Pro Circuits: Had you not become a tennis pro, what career path would you have liked to have followed?
Zuzana Zlochova: I would probably be interested in other sports. Possibly running or some individual sport.

ITF Pro Circuits: In your opinion, what would you say are the best and worst aspects of being a professional tennis player?
Zuzana Zlochova: The best aspects are travelling around the world, meeting different people and discovering new countries. The worst aspects are that you have to be a long time without your family and friends.

ITF Pro Circuits: What has been your best experience on the ITF Pro Circuit?
Zuzana Zlochova: The best experience I had was on my first $10,000 tournament in Hvar (Croatia). We didnít know anything about Pro Circuit and ITF Supervisor Mihaela Preda Testiban led us step by step and introduced us to everything about ITF Pro Circuit.

ITF Pro Circuits: Which player(s) do you hang out with?
Zuzana Zlochova: I have no time to hang out at all, but if I could, I would go somewhere with Jasmina Kajtazovic and Csilla Argyelan.

ITF Pro Circuits: What has been the nicest venue that you have played at?
Zuzana Zlochova: I liked the tennis courts in Lima (Peru) the most. It was a beautiful country with many interesting places.

ITF Pro Circuits: Any amusing incidents from playing on the ITF Pro Circuit that you can share?
Zuzana Zlochova: The final of qualification for $10,000 Hvar (Croatia) 2007 - my opponent had a set point in the first set and hit a very good serve to the body. I returned the ball with the frame of my racquet and it was flying out of court. The ball was maybe five metres outside of the court, almost in the nearby forest, but some magical combination of the frame spin and strong wind had put the ball back on the side line. My opponent was already walking to the bench, when the ball fell down on the line. She was so disappointed that she lost her concentration and from this moment it was the start of my victory in this match. When I later met the referee from this match, he told me that he had never seen such a thing.

ITF Pro Circuits: Who would you say has been your toughest opponent on the ITF Pro Circuit?
Zuzana Zlochova: I lost three matches at three consecutive tournaments in the summer of 2008 to my very good friend Patricia Veresova. Luckily, she went to study in the USA and she is not playing ITF Pro this time!

ITF Pro Circuits: Would you recommend that top juniors play the ITF Pro Circuit?
Zuzana Zlochova: This is very individual and it must be decided only by them.

ITF Pro Circuits: How has competing on the ITF Pro Circuit helped you as a player?
Zuzana Zlochova: As a junior I didnít have that many good results, but when I started to play ITF Pro Circuit I improved my game and I produced some good results.

ITF Pro Circuits: Zuzana, many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and best of luck for the future.

Zuzana Zlochova currently attends tournaments with her coach at their own expense. She is not backed up by the Slovak Tennis Federation nor does she presently have any other sponsors, which she says can prove to be stressful and difficult sometimes. Having won four singles titles in the space of six weeks this is rapidly becoming her best season ever which she'll be hoping will continue. "Every victory was unique for me. I was playing my best tennis and I had so much fun during these matches" said Zlochova.

This was from ITFTENNIS.COM/WOMENS. Zuzana is hot hopefully she can rise up the ranks!

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