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1926 results


Covered January and June in the NYT.

Summary courtesy of AndrewTas

Two major events occurred during this year, the first was the only meeting between the "Queen of the Courts", Lenglen and "Miss Poker Face", Helen Wills in Cannes Carlton in Febraruary. The media were all there for what was dubbed the match of the century and Lenglen just held back her younger opponent.The match has been written about and analysed by many people. After this match Wills who had dominated the Riviera season before continued her domination but after entering the French Championships she fell sick with appendicitis and withdrew from Wimbledon, returning to the USA. She did play three tournaments (winning 1) but lacked energy and decided to not play the USA Championships. Mallory took advantage and just defeated Ryan in the final of the US Championships for seventh and last title. The other major event was the withdrawal of Lenglen from Wimbledon. Lenglen had won the French Championships again and returned to Wimbledon but after one of her matches was re-scheduled but she was not informed and turned up late. As a result she kept royalty waiting and there was such a commotion that she withdrew and declared herself a professional. She went on tour with Mary Browne. As a result Kitty McKane was given another opportunity and won her second title. Also Akhurst won her second Australian title while USA defeated Great Britain at Wimbledon in Wightman Cup play 4-3.

World Rankings by Wallis Myers-of the London Daily Mail

1 Suzanne Lenglen France
2 Kitty McKane Godfree England
3 Lili de Alvarez Spain
4 Molla Bjurstedt Mallory US
5 Elizabeth Ryan US
6 Mary K. Browne England
7 Joan Fry England
8 Phoebe Holcroft Watson England
9 Marion Zinderstein Jessup US
10 Didi Vlasto France

Suzane Lenglen's year

Summary: Entered 12 tournaments in total.

Singles:Won 4 of 5 events entered. Defaults in 1 event (Wimbledon). 21-0 match record, with 1 default.
Doubles:Won of 8 of 12 events entered. Defaults in 3 events. 35-1 match record with 3 defaults.
Mixed:Won 6 of 9 events entered. 3 defaults. 29-0 match record with 3 defaults

From her defeat in 1921 until her last amateur match Suzanne had recorded 171 straight wins, an all-time record.

Kitty McKane Godfree's year
Kitty Mckane Godfree went undefeated in her South African tour early in the year in singles and doubles (partner Evelyn Colyer). Her only loss was 1 mixed doubles with Leslie Godfree, who became her husband on the trip. After a defeat in the qf of the French Chmps to Mary Browne it does not seem she lost the rest of the year, winning both her Wightman Cup matches, Wimbledon, and a series of British events at Southampton, Hythe, Folkestone, and Newcastle.

Big thank yous go out to Andrew Tas for initally providing many results, Ugarte for many detailed results, and to Mark Ryan for his superb work, which may be found in its original state at:
Results from 1926

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