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Re: Tennis Vids and Photos of YOU!!

Not the best video of me, but i figured I'll post it.

It was actually a really good training tool for me because, I realized that I was neglecting my entire lower body on my serve, especially on the 2nd serve. Also, realized how out of shape I was (although I haven't done much about that haha)

This is during a doubles match in college a couple years ago, starting in the opening game in the match, I'm hitting a really bad second serve.

15-0 my big forehand forces an error
15-15 my backhand shank leads to an easy putaway volley
15-30 i badly overhit on a running forehand
30-30 ACE
40-30 Service Winner
40-40 DOUBLE FAULT FAIL My reaction is funny, little gay boy double faults
Deciding Point , I hit a good backhand, but my partner fails on the the next volley (you can actually see my disappointment, we actually didn't get along at all haha)

My best friend is going to help me out and take a video of me playing in a NTRP 4.0 tournament this weekend, hopefully I look better then.
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