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Re: 1930 results

Week of March 31-April 6

March 31-April 6, Saint Raphael Lawn Tennis Club, France (Clay)

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Albina Korotvickova (Cz) 6-0 6-1

DF: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Mlle Sineux/Erna Springer (Ger) 6-3 6-0

MX: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Bill Tilden (US) d. Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Wilbur Cohen 7-5 6-3

Wilbur was often referred to as "Junior". He was a protegee of Tilden.


March 15-April 5, Central American and Caribbean Games, La Habana, Cuba

Singles (Draw=6)

FI: Maria L. Garcia d. Maria del C. Camacho ????

DF: Maria L Garcia/del C Camacho d. Zolla Rodriguez/Amalia Castaneda ????

Despite the grand title all 6 entrants were Cuban.


Circa early April, Tunis, Tunisia (Clay)

SF: Jacqueline Gallay d. Simone Piétra 6-0 6-1
SF: Simone Barbier d. Mlle Dupré 6-2 6-1

FI: Not played

MX: Simone Barbier/Georges Gouttenoire d. Jacqueline Gallay/Placido Gaslini (Ity) 8-6 6-1


March 31-April 7, Paddington, London, England (Clay)
Venue: Maida Vale

Singles (Draw=at least 47)

1R: L Philip d. D M J Champion 6-2 6-3
1R: Naomi Trentham d. Joy Cunningham 6-4 6-4
1R: Mrs I W Fowler d. Mrs E Bertish 6-4 8-6
1R: Beatrice Brown d. Mrs M Latey 6-0 6-0
1R: M Cunningham d. K R Oliver 6-0 6-3
1R: Cristobel Hardie d. Betty Soames 6-8 6-3 6-2
1R: Jeanette Morfey d. Mrs Dudley Cox 3-6 6-4 6-0
1R: Doreen Pleydell-Bouverie d. Mrs V Barringer 6-3 6-3
1R: Aimee Reckitt d. N Weatherall 6-1 6-1
1R: Aurea Edgington d. Mrs Bridges 7-5 6-4
1R: A K Penrose d. G E Tomblin 6-3 4-2 retired
1R: Joan Marshall d. Mrs E Logan Bell 6-0 6-1
1R: Mrs V Burr d. Tiny Alston 6-4 4-6 6-2
1R: Mrs E H Burgess-Smith d. Y J Allnatt 6-4 3-6 6-4
1R: Edith Clarke d. Nancy Cole 6-2 6-0

2R: Ermyntrude Harvey d. Philip 6-3 6-3
2R: Trentham d. Fowler 6-0 6-0
2R: Sylvia Mayne d. T Barnes 6-1 6-3
2R: Mrs G H B St Ruth d. K M Grocott 6-3 6-2
2R: Elsa Haylock d. Cecily Marriott 4-6 6-1 6-2
2R: Beatrice Brown d. M Cunningham 6-4 6-1
2R: Hardie d. Morfey 6-2 10-8
2R: Maud Folingsby d. Norah Edes 6-3 6-2

2R: Madge List d. Pleydell-Bouverie 6-4 6-1
2R: Reckitt d. M Goff default
2R: Edgington d. Penrose 6-1 6-2
2R: Marshall d. Burr 6-3 9-7
2R: Helen Dyson d. Mary Burgess-Smith 6-2 6-3
2R: L M Brown d. Mrs W T Tucker 2-6 6-4 8-6
2R: Mrs E H Burgess-Smith d. Elsie Pittman default
2R: Vera Montgomery d. Clarke 6-1 4-6 6-2

3R: Harvey d. Trentham 6-1 6-3
3R: Mayne d. St Ruth 6-1 6-2
3R: Haylock d. B Brown 6-1 6-3
3R: Hardie d. Folingsby 6-3 6-2

3R: List d. Reckitt 6-3 6-1
3R: Edgington d. Marshall 6-4 6-4
3R: Dyson d. L M Brown 6-4 6-1
3R: Montgomery d. Mrs E H Burgess-Smith 6-1 6-4

QF: Ermyntrude Harvey d. Sylvia Mayne 6-2 6-2
QF: Elsa Haylock d. Cristobel Hardie 6-3 4-6 7-5
QF: Madge List d. Aurea Edgington 6-2 6-1
QF: Vera Montgomery d. Helen Dyson 6-2 6-1

SF: event abondoned due to rain

DF: Not completed due to rain

MX: Not completed due to rain

Due to very heavy rain during this tournament, none of the events got beyond the semi-final stage. Note we do not know draw order-it is thus in very speculative draw order.

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