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Republic of Kosovo Tennis!

The history of tennis has its roots in Kosovo after the First World War. In those times, the British, who were exploring Trepca mine, built the first tennis ground in Kosovo. This field exists even today as evidence of the time, but is covered with mud and grass.

While the Kosovars for the first time began to play tennis, in Prishtina. Some young enthusiasts started playing tennis even though there was no genuine grounds of tennis, no coaches, there was no proper equipment. But they started to play the sport which was so famous in Europe and in the World . In such difficult conditions, with terrain improvised tennis, tennis interest, like sport, surprisingly, increased steadily. At that time there were clubs formed all around Kosovo, as in Peja, Prishtina, Prizren etc.

Tennis Federation of Kosovo was formed in Peja, in October 1996. Today in Kosovo have seven licensed coaches internationally in 2002 by PTR (Professional Tennis Registry). Tennis Federation of Kosovo because of the circumstances known historical-political has yet to be a member of the European Asosiacionit tennis (ETA) and as of that world (ITF). . This has made the quality level of tennis and the relevant infrastructure to be low . Kosovo tennis players today have no part in tours of ETA and ITF officials. However, they have participated in several national and regional tournament tennis,in the neighboring countries.
Kosovo is the youngest country in the world and has the youngest population in Europe. We expect that Kosovo will soon become the 50th member of the European family of tennis and a member of the ITF's. Priority of my country is to build new tennis grounds, and the licensing of trainers, judges and training of management staff.

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