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Smile US Open early rounds + New Haven late round reports!

Hey everyone,

So I will be attending the US Open on Monday and Tuesday and POSSIBLY (hopefully ) Wednesday. I will take reports of all the matches I see and put them here. How it work is each day I can say what matches I would like to attend and I will report on the ones I see and then if anyone wants pictures from those matches, I will take them and post them, but I just have a phone camera, so don't expect much. I will do my best though.

I also went to the Wozniacki-Dementieva match in New Haven tonight. I won't post pictures, since I'm sure there are much better ones to be found and I only took three, but I do have a report of what it was like to be there (not just the actual tennis, as you saw on TV). Hopefully it's a good read, even though it is long .
So the atmosphere of the tournament was pretty good, I think people were disappointed the mens draw is so weak, but all the same enthusiastic on what there was. The stadium looks very empty on TV, but that's just because it is so big, there were a lot of people and a lot of people on the grounds outside the stadium, maybe they were day-ticket holders lagging behind or something, I'm not really sure. I have to say the future of the tournament seems a bit bleak though .
As for the match, Dementieva played quite well throughout, but just not quite well enough. The first set she won easily, but it was closer than the score. Wozniacki's injury timeout came out of nowhere and she certainly didn't act injured, so I wouldn't be alarmed. In the second set, Wozniacki played soo much better and Lena a little worse. Both played well in the third, but Elena just made too many unforced errors in the end. It was a great match though. Wozniacki is NOT a pusher, she was almost equal with Lena most of the match, just at the end she started pushing A LITTLE BIT, and that is what got her through, that she missed that little bit much less. Lena was a big headcase, talking to Mommy Vera the whole time (who looked nervous as hell, sitting all alone) and shouting Lichna and whatever else. Her grunt is loouuud, I heard some guys behind me saying they thought she was saying some word in Russian like "come on" to pump herself up . Wozniacki sure wasn't sunshine today, she was grumpy, hitting balls around the court and whacking her racquet. She is very mentally strong though! Both players are incredibly fit, Caroline showed no signs of injury and Elena looked completely fresh despite having played two three and a half hour matches to get there and then another long one today.
The crowd in New Haven absolutely adores Wozniacki, I guess because she keeps winning it, but every single point there would be "go Caroline!" shouts and when Elena would win a point unless she did something amazing there would be about five people clapping (including me ) and then at the end when they played "Sweet Caroline" the whole crowd went crazy and sang along. Nice atmosphere I guess.
I will save the funniest detail for last Piotr was sitting with a middle-aged blond woman (Mrs. Wozniacki I think?) and at the start of the match they were 2-3 seats away from Mommy Vera, but some people came and claimed those seats. Next they moved across the aisle, but those seats were claimed as well. Sitting in front of them was SHINO and another lineswoman who watched the whole match, so when the Wozniacki's got kicked out of there seats, they had a nice chat with Shino and ended up claiming her seats, forcing her to move to the middle .

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