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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

I also like what Krajicek said:
Q. Steffi Graf is retiring. She announced it today. Any comment on that?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: Yeah, it is a shame in a way, she was I think very important for the women's game. Also automatically for the men's game because tennis is tennis, a man or woman. In a way it affected after announcing basically she wasn't coming back to Wimbledon and to the French, but I think it is one of the greatest players ever in tennis and even the greatest player. She won so many Grand Slams and she was always such a good athlete and good sports woman on the court, really conducted herself well and a good example for everybody. So it is a shame. In a way I respect her and I think it is also a good feeling that she had so many injury troubles and I think it would not have been nice if she would have stopped and not winning so much, but yeah, she won the French and finals of Wimbledon, so I think with a good feeling she stopped now. I think she has achieved everything she wanted and she can go on to do whatever she wants. I think that is good if you feel your time is there, doesn't matter if you are 28, 35, or 40, she felt it was now. I think it was a good choice.

Q. A few years ago you gave an opinion on women's tennis and Steffi was the only one you were respecting?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: I haven't said too much about women lately. I always respected Steffi and a couple of players, but I think Steffi, like I said, she has been a good example for everybody, man or woman, and she has been an ambassador for tennis. She has been a good sportswoman throughout her career and I always respected that.

Q. Will people realize more sort of what she was able to do in her career once people try to start doing some of the things that she did?

RICHARD KRAJICEK: No, I think people realize now with so many Grand Slams and dominating so much, so many years it was really -- yeah, I think people do realize it. I mean, once in a while you have somebody dominate for one year or two years, Hingis was dominating for a while. Monica still, with that terrible incident, was dominating. She has been really dominating 6-7 years, 360 weeks she was No. 1 or something. It is unbelievable. So it is going to be very difficult to equal what she has done or even come close. But, yeah, you never know. In ten years, 20 years when I am not even around anymore, I don't know maybe somebody gets up and starts beating what she has achieved, but she certainly achieved a lot. I think it is pretty amazing.
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