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Re: Nutty meets nutty JJ.. my "JJ in Cincy" thread

Well, after seeing Scheepers in action, I waltzed over to the stadium because Bojana was in action against home girl Ditty. Since Bojana hasn't started beating the crap out of JJ yet, I don't quite dislike her. Infact, I might even like her, cos she teamed up with JJ in Fed Cup doubles (although they were quite the rotten team)

Brainless ball bashing 101: Close your eyes and hit the ball as hard as you can.

After a minute of watching Bojana manhandle Ditty, we sauntered back to the practice courts. I had to do a double take... was that who I think it was??? OMG, it was kleybanova and she was running for her life, I wondered why. When Klebanova runs, the earth trembles ever so slightly, the leaves rustle little bunnies run for cover and baby earthworms breathe their last.

While I was still wondering what great force caused AK to take off like the sky was falling down, I saw something very familiar. A stylish handbag/tennis bag. No way, JJ actually made it here.... No wonder AK took off running the other way.


My heart was beating fast now. I was so close to her again!!!!! And the most surprising part... no one was following her for a while, no one even recognized her... Empress was not happy.!!!! I started running behind her and then a group of girls started following her as well. Now other people were getting interested. Hey, if people are following her, she must be famous right. As JJ walked into the practice court, I overheard the 10 year old girl in braces excitedly squealing " OMG, OMG, she walked out from the lounge and no one said anything. I was like OMG, it's Jelena. OMG, blah blah blah... OMG bleat bleat bleat...". She was actually were cute, the way she was going on about JJ.

I wasn't happy at all.. No one paid any attention to JJ as she walked over? The Empress must be pissed.

No sign of Sneki, Mlajdo aka sponsoruza (sp?). No coach either.Just her hitting partner. I actually missed Ricardo and his animated self.

JJ in action:


While JJ was sitting by the fence,with me on the other side, I picked up the courage to start a conversation:

Me: Yell-Enna, How's the ankle?
JJ: It's getting bay-ter.
Me: Good, I'm the guy who followed you around last year wearing T-shirts with your pics on it.
JJ: Really???
Me: Yes, and you won last year. I'm your good luck charm. I'll do the same this year. I hope you win again.
JJ: (laughing): thank you.
People around me: (laughing)

(All of this was happening with the fence in between me and Jeja)

So now for the most important question. How do you pronounce JJ's name.

Ye-Len-a or Yell-LAY-Na ? I know Americans call her the latter. But I've heard Serbs call her Ye-Lena
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