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Re: Nutty meets nutty JJ.. my "JJ in Cincy" thread

So i went to the tournament about a week ago, and they didn't have the bronze plaque featuring 2009 champion JJ.

Today however, they had it:

Gorgeous in bronze, huh?


I didn't expect to see JJ today, i expected her to be lazing around her mansion in San Diego. After all, why would you want to give up the pleasant 60s California weather to come to the hot midwest summers of the 90s.

I first caught a glimpse of Cibulkova and coach Zelko (sp?). How ironic that Dinara was also practicing at the same time on the adjacent court about 100 feet away...

Domi: So you think i can become world #1 like Dinara...

Zelko: Of course, I mean, i made Din-din #1, that means anything is possible..

Domi: (to self): I'll be the third slamless #1...ahhh what every tennis girl dreams of growing up..

Dinara: He's stalking me i tell you, that's what holding me back right now...

Dinara's hitting partner: Ummm... yeah sure, maybe your *cough*crappy forehands and backhands and *cough* crappy serve has something to do with it as well.

I was quickly getting bored, tennis without JJ is so...

Anyway, i started walking around the grounds with my friend. There was a small hulabuloo, (JJ maybe, i was getting my hopes up) turned out it was some tall, blonde russian...

So who is this Russian called John Barnett (and is she parked in a handicapped parking spot??). I'm sure she stole JJ's permanent handicapped parking spot...

We walked to court #4 and saw Scheepers playing Greta Arn. Normally, i wouldn't have given this match a second thought, but Scheepers is in my book now, after she teamed up with Jeja at Wimbly.

I thought she looked cute. She was hitting some great CC BHs.. But i didn't stick around for long.

The volunteer who was letting people into the court was telling us " Scheepers is from Russia".. I was "hmm, i;m pretty sure she's from South Africa." He took out the schedule and showed me "See, it says right here... RSA, Russia".

Russia, Republic of South Africa, whatever, they're all the same country, right.


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