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Re: Dia Evtimova Thread

15.15 h.
It begins the Semi-final!!
Evtimova-Linette, 2-1 Dia it does break!!!
Evtimova-Linette, 4-1 Dia it does break 2!!!
Evtimova-Linette, 5-1 It gains your service!!
Evtimova-Linette, 6-1
The first set for DIA!!!

Beginning of the second set. Vamos Dia!!!

Evtimova-Linette, 0-1 Ohhhh! It loses your service. Glups.
Evtimova-Linette, 0-2 Glups, glups!!
Evtimova-Linette, 1-2 Ufff!!
Evtimova-Linette, 2-2 (Breaaaaak!!)
Evtimova-Linette, 3-2 It gains your service. Bravo!!
Evtimova-Linette, 3-3 (Brrr...)
Evtimova-Linette, 4-3 OK Dia, OK.
Evtimova-Linette, 4-4 (KO)
Evtimova-Linette, 4-5 Ohhh non!!
Evtimova-Linette, 4-6

We go to the set 3 Dia!! Come!!!

Evtimova-Linette, 0-1 Loses your service. What is happening?
Evtimova-Linette, 0-2 Uyyy, uyyy!
Evtimova-Linette, 1-2 Ufff!!
Evtimova-Linette, 1-3 Do not sink bonita...
Evtimova-Linette, 1-4 (Crying...)
Evtimova-Linette, 2-4 Vamos!!!
Evtimova-Linette, 3-4 It is possible!!
Evtimova-Linette, 4-4 It is very possible!!
Evtimova-Linette, 4-5 Ohhh! 2 bols of 5-4!!
Evtimova-Linette, 5-5 Yeahhh!!
Evtimova-Linette, 5-6 Another lost service...

The End: 6-1, 4-6, 5-7
17.20 h.

It has been closely together of coming to the final. In a next occasion it is going to obtain it.
It has done a good tournament.

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