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Re: 1890 results

I notice that you're using MX, MXDF and, in later threads, MD (I presume that's for mixed doubles), etc. In my original threads, which you "requisitioned" and are now using (to be fair to me, at least 90% of these early years are possible in their new form because I looked up the results in the original sources), I used the following abbreviations for the mixed doubles event:

XDSF: mixed doubles semi-final
XDF: mixed doubles final
XDACF: mixed doubles All-Comers' final
XDCR: mixed double Challenge Round

As with other abbreviations, I used them consistently.

In my original threads I didn't indicate an Irish player's nationality when he or she played in England, Scotland or Wales because Ireland was under British rule during the period in question. I notice you're now dropping in "Ire" and "Ireland" (in brackets) after certain Irish players' names when they are playing outside of Ireland but still within the British Isles


Although "GeeTee" (Graham) contributed a lot of the early Australian results, up to 1915 - I know he's gone beyond the First World War as well - he left out a lot of the women's doubles and mixed doubles results and/or only indicated the winner. I went back to the original sources (Australian newspapers of the period) and added in a lot of results Graham didn't have back when he first submitted the results he found.

I also found most of the singles, doubles and mixed results from the New Zealand Championships. I didn't go beyond 1909 where these Australasian results are concerned because that was the point at which I realized what you were doing with the many results I originally found and included in my threads.


Mabel Shaw's sister was called Phenie, so Mabel Shaw/Miss Shaw should be Mabel Shaw/Phenie Shaw.

The threads look messy/messier when you use dashes of varying lengths in them to separate sections or tournaments, like this:


Mark Ryan

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