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Re: All Other Romanian Girls Thread

Interview with Elena Platon
Birthdate: 11/june/1993
Birthplace: Bucharest
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 59 kg
Coach: Ilie Codrin
Right hand player, two-handed backhand

Open Tennis: For how long do you play tennis?
Raluca Platon: I practice tennis for 12 years now and I train at Tennis Club Bucuresti.

Open Tennis: If it wouldn't have been tennis, it would have been another sport?
Raluca Platon: So far I haven't thought about practicing other sports, but I think I would have chosen swimming.

Open Tennis: Did you had moments when you wanted to quit?
Raluca Platon: Yes, such moments are in everyone's career, but I passed over them, because I had the unconditional support of my parents and my coach.

Open Tennis: How many hours do you train per day?
Raluca Platon: I usually train 5 hours a day, including the physical training. If I don't participate in a tournament that week, Sunday is my day off, otherwise I train about one and a half hours

Open Tennis: What is your favorite shot?
Raluca Platon: The forehand is my favorite shot.

Open Tennis: What is your favorite male/female player?
Raluca Plato: My favorite (male) player is Roger Federer and my favorite (female) player is Serena Williams from America.

Open Tennis: Your hardest match so far?
Raluca Platon: My hardest macth so far was last year against Barbara Bonic from Serbia, I def. her with the score: 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. It was my best match of the season. I also played a tough match against Martina Di Giuseppe from Italy, in the quartes of a 10k tournament in Spain, the score was 7-5, 5-7, 6-1.

Open Tennis: Against whom would you like to play a tennis match (not necessarily a tennis player)? Why?
Raluca Platon: I would love to have Serena Williams on the other side of the net. I appreciate mostly her fighting spirit, but also I love the aggressiveness and the wickedness of her ground strokes. Also, I like Justine Henin, because she's a clever player and she "thinks" every point.

Open Tennis: How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Raluca Platon: Ambitious, dreamy and sometimes a bit grumpy.

Open Tennis: How would you describe the sport of tennis in a few words?
Raluca Plato: Clearly, tennis is a very difficult sport, you have to work very hard to get good results, but it's also very beautiful at times, especially when you win, then you feel that everyone falls at her feet.

Open Tennis: Do you keep a certain diet before major tournaments and or do you have a steady diet?
Raluca Platon: Usually, I try to avoid fast foods and fizzy drinks because I became dependent on them. I try to eat pasta, fruits, salads, even chocolate, but I don't exaggerate with it.

Open Tennis: How do you spend your free time?
Raluca Platon: I stay with my friends, I like to surf on the internet, I read a lot. I'm not a person who goes out to much, I prefere to stay [home] with my parents, or with my friends.

Open Tennis: What superstitions do you have?
Platon Raluca: I don't step on the lines after I finish the point, I always play with the same ball if I win the previous point. I also have a ritual that I respect throughout the tournament, until I lose...

Open Tennis: How many raquest have you broken so far?
Raluca Platon: I've broken one racquet in my life, an it happened this year, in a decisive set that played against Laura Andrei, we were 5 games all and I lost that match.

Open Tennis: What do you want to say to our readers?
Raluca Platon: I want to thank them for their support and I hope that from now on even more of them will come to our tournaments.

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