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Re: -*-*-USO Series-*-*- Stanford!

Originally Posted by Meteor Shower View Post
Sunday is my last test of the degree.
Problem is, I keep sucking in the practice test and I'm scared I'll have to do Moed B.
Its weird, I sould care less and I just be exstatic to finish with uni.
Hopefully things work out okay, they always do somehow so I'm just staying positive.

I like USA too, so much as a matter of fact, that I'm gonna throw lots of money and travel there with friends Can't wait. Will be a nice scenary after finishing uni (וזה גם טיול לפני צבא ). So yeah! I'm even planning on going to the US Open for one day! I made the plans for the trip, and somehow in a miraculous way, I found out I'm in new york the exact time the first week of the US Open takes place. How crazy is that?

You won't see me on TV though, I'll just gonna get the cheapest tickets I can to the outside court, it should be 50$ which is affordable for a dream come true I guess
omg congrats! how did it go??
Even if you will have to go to moed b, don't take it hard, it's not easy for everybody, just do your best until you'll get a good/decent grade
I forgot you did atuda.. so when are you going the army?
Wow I'm so jealous! I wish I'd be at USA, or anywhere in the world lol.. USA will be my trip אחרי הצבא.. that's the plan anyway.
so you're going to New York in few weeks? with your friends?have you bought the tickets already?

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