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Re: 21 year old freshmen club

Originally Posted by gouci View Post
Anya Villanueva of New Mexico joins the club. She turned 21 May 2008 at the end of her freshman year.

For the record, it is completely legal to be 20 went you START your freshman year

Just as I personally started my freshman year as a 17 year old many moons ago.... it's completely within reason... many So Cal kids (athletes in particular) are now 19 year old HS grads. And oversees many don't finish HS till their 19/20 year. They start them later.

This whine about players turning 21 during their frosh year weakens your thread.

Kids 17 at end of frosh year and senior citizens (at Cal) already 21 or older before they are frosh... that's unusual. I would encourage you to get over the 'turned 20 before end of frosh year' thing... it does not strengthen your point.

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