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Re: 1924 results

Week of January 28-February 3

January 28-February 3 Heights Casino , New York, New York, US (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Brooklyn Heights Casino

Singles (Draw=31)

FI: Marion Jessup d. Lilian Scharman [2] 6-4 6-8 6-4

DF: Leslie Bancroft/Marion Jessup d. Martha Bayard/Marie Wagner 11-9 11-9

Molla Mallory defaulted with a cold before her first match. Later in the week the Olympic committee rules she may play for Norway-her land of birth


January 28-February 3, Hyeres, Hyeres, France (Clay)

Singles (Draw=19)

1R: Margaret Tripp (GB) d. F Lord 6-0 6-0
1R: Miss Long Price d. Miss Kenworthy 6-0 6-2
1R: Lesley Cadle (GB) d. E Keighley 6-4 6-3

2R: Phyllis Satterthwaite d. J McNeill 6-1 6-0
2R: Mme Latty d. Mrs Birch 6-0 6-2
2R: C Garfit d. ????
2R: Cadle d. Mrs Hartley Graham 6-0 6-0

2R: Tripp d. Long Price 6-0 7-5
2R: Miss Heddy d. Miss Cormack Taylor 6-3 4-6 6-1
2R: ???? d. ????
2R: Phyllis Covell d. Miss Ingonville Williams 6-0 6-0

QF: Satterthwaite d. Latty 6-1 6-1
QF: Cadle d. Garfit 6-1 6-3
QF: Tripp d. Heddy 6-0 6-0
QF: Covell d. ????

SF: Satterthwaite d. Cadle 6-4 6-2
SF: Covell d. Tripp 6-1 6-1

FI: Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Phyllis Covell (GB) 6-3 6-1

MX: Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) /Jack Hillyard (GB) d. Phyllis Covell (GB)/Beverly Covell (GB) 6-4 8-6

With a small entry and many top players missing this was a minor interlude on the Riviera circuit this year. Sunshine and lack of wind made for a pleasant event. Phyllis Satterwaithe wins here for the 3rd year in a row, giving her permanent possession of the Cup. In the semis she exploited Leslie Cadle's weak backhand.


c. Jan-Feb, Danish Indoor Championships

FI: Elsebeth Brehm d. ??

MX: Elsebeth Brehm/Einer Ulrich d. ??

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