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Re: Grass is Ass: 's-Hertogenbosch and Wimbledon 2010

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
You ladies might disagree with this,but I suspect that Dinarik wouldn't have rushed back so fast if she had simply won RG last year.....IMO,that would've silenced a LOT of criticism and a much of Dinara's self-doubt.She may not have felt the need to prove herself quite so urgently........I regretted lashing out at Sveta after the match but,deep down,what bothered me most was how that match was mentally lost before it ever started.Even more than the previous year vs. Ana(who seemed destined to win),that Slam was the most winnable for Dinarik...and she's surely aware of that.Perhaps that's a part of her desire to prove herself
Oh, I totally agree. If she'd won that, there really wouldn't be that much else to prove, and she could "afford" to take a longer break. And actually I think with all this rushing back from the injury, it's not all about proving herself; it's also that this thing might really end her career, and she wants to play as much as possible before it does. Of course, it's counterproductive-- she'd have a better chance of lasting longer if she took a longer recovery break, but if you're thinking it might go in the gym or on the practice court or in a match... of course she wants to play the match. It's not sound reasoning, but it's pretty typical athlete reasoning-- they are terrible judges of their own physical fitness.

Anyway, I'm with Vanessa. I'm not really upset about what she's doing, just sad that she's not even giving herself a chance. It's pretty depressing to watch, but she's an adult and she makes her own choices, and there's no point in any of us getting particularly upset about it.

Originally Posted by makini View Post
IAs to the Argentina situation I really hope that she is not going because the idea is so ridiculous she wants to play the US Summer hard court season (that she really should not be playing) so she will go to South America where it's Winter to prepare.
Weather in Buenos Aires this time of year is actually really nice. So that's one component of her decision that's actually not totally insane. Who would have thought?

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