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Re: Grass is Ass: 's-Hertogenbosch and Wimbledon 2010

Actually the thing I was the most worried about with the Zeljko split was that, with that one decision, she cut herself off from everyone who actually knew the entire history of her injury and recovery. Like now that she and Zeljko broke up, she's never going to work with any of those people ever again, either. So now what? She's flying off to some completely different place with completely different people, and it's not that there aren't perfectly fine doctors and physios in the mystery place (hereinafter known as "Argentina" ), I'm sure there are. It's that I'm totally confident that when she gets there, she won't give anyone a rundown of all the details, that I'm totally sure she hasn't asked any of her doctors or physios (including The Greatest Physio She's Ever Worked With In Her Life) for any write-ups that she can hand over to new doctors/physios, etc. Hopefully whoever she sees will insist on doing a full examination when she gets there, because otherwise I'm not at all confident they'll get all the details they need from her. Consistency in treatment is really, really important, and she's refusing to have it.

I understand why she's doing what she's doing, but it's all very desperate and ill-considered. I'm terrified every time she steps on court now. That injury just does not heal in 3 months, and in the end, that's all she gave it.

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