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Re: Not letting Henin/Murray type behaviour get to you.

My friend is so annoying with that. He yells "Come on" and lately "Allez" as well ( soooooo ) in a VERY obnoxious way on shots people miss that should be a putaway. Granted, he usually does that after long rallies or after being down... but is it necessary to think you are Serena Williams "comeback from 1-5 in the 3rd set queen" or something on the court and yell that stuff when your opponent misses easy shots that should be put away. Please don't tell me it's just about pumping yourself up and fighting back, because when you do it on shots which would have been winners by anyone who isn't an idiot ( aka me ), it's extremely obnoxious and, no, it doesn't make you the fucking Serena Williams-level fighter.

Anyways, the key is of course to focus on your own game... but it's extremely difficult not to find that distracting (and grating). I played a long deuce game with him yesterday and I would hit winners on deuce points and then completely fuck up the ad points by hitting out or into the net.... of course that was proceeded by bouts of "allez" and "come on" and fist pumping. And, yes, he is good at fighting back, but it's just embarrassing to do that when your opponent misses shots. I would do something as obnoxious in return, but then I'm not going to.... It's just something you need to deal with.

Oh yeah, another thing he does is yelling out before the ball even went out. Yes, he does when it's actually going out, but before it even hit the court. As he tells me, it's necessary to let the opponent know his shot is out. Yes, sure, AFTER it hit the court, not before.

I can't believe I like Lleyton Hewitt, and he does that shit.

"I wish I were as aggressive and serious as those floors too!!" - GOAT Cynthia Zimmerman

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