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Re: Grass is Ass: 's-Hertogenbosch and Wimbledon 2010

i hope she won't play anything this year. How many, 6 month left? 2 before USO and 2 after. She can't do anything before USO if the injury is serious. Coming back after USO and traveling around Asia-Europe is not really smart. She should just stay home, go vacation, whatever, just don't rush. And FYI, Dinara, "no pain" doesn't necessarily means that is everything is okay. I broke my right forearm 3 times when i was stupid kid (so funny stories...), and i didn't get why i need the lame gyps 6 weeks... She has time, she needs do things with her tennis anyway, re-learn really basic things. Serve, swings, pose... just be smart. If she comes back next AO, or next clay, she is still just 25, thats not bad age. She can play at least 5 years to chase slams if she has no more trouble.

Every interview or tweet she says how important is to be healthy. And the next day, you just see her name on the scoreboard, because she plays some stupid tournament with broken back, broken leg and broken hair. Again and again. Stop saying bullshits, Dinara! Where is your damn brain, girl? This "i'll prove myself" stuff is just so stupid, still she can't learn anything. Yes, she got every crap in the past becuase she some thinks she is the untalented and ugly little sister, the slamless #1, but if she would have any self respect, she could just say "fuck off" to everybody and won't look so desperate all time... trying to prove herself. It's a total hamster-wheel(?)... just spins and spins, and never ends no matter how fast or strong is the hamster.

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